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I keep needing to read stuff about your grammar. Gosh q q. Stop with the grammar geeks q q.

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yo shock-ie boy the drama is over you can come out now
cold-lion Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
shock i come to stalk you..... FROM COLD (or, more commonly known as All73) 
happy birthday or something
Yo shock whats up trainer?
Bluerulestheworld Jul 15, 2013  Professional General Artist
Everyone needs to leave shock alone
I totally agree with Ice. That child's game has gone to hell, you can barely even talk and you can't even roleplay properly because it censors 80% of the things you type. So what's the point?

I say New Sled just leaves CP and comes to chatango or Xat where they can grow up, learn new rp styles.. and get their intelligence back.

Yeah Club Penguin seems to drain people's intelligence. I tested that on Ann xD
im leaving. and im middle. it changed so much. I cannot even talk properly without going to penguin lodge or doing "copy"
"you" "are" "awesome". it p's me off.
Listen. The only reason I'm on that childish website is because I'm too YOUNG and NOT ALLOWED to go on a censor free chat room.
Also there was an incident in my school about this kind of stuff [well kinda] so I definitely wont be allowed to. And if you think about it lots of people use different kinds of rp and you guys did start on Club Penguin. I said this to a few other people and I will tell you this too.
This is an art website not an rp website so if you keep spamming on my page I wont respond.
I went to xat for my first time when I was around 7 or 8 so
We don't care if you don't respond. We'll just keep spamming, but you will keep responding, as you already have been.
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